Saturday, April 7, 2007

Beantown Bound

So for those of you who don't know me, (though I'm pretty sure no strangers are reading this, at least not yet) I went to Boston University, graduated in December of 2005 and moved home jobless. I got a job down here in NJ, as an editorial assistant at Prentice Hall. Despite an utter hatred for all things Red Sox, I absolutely love Boston and miss it to death. I also love working in publishing, and opportunities in Boston are very limited in comparison with New York. So I had mostly resigned myself to living in NYC.

BUT I just got promoted to Assistant Editor, for another list--located in Boston! I'm so freaking excited. The job is kind of "more of the same," but more intensely, and with less administrative crap. Poo on administrative crap. (Haha, get it?) It's weird, because I didn't even really formally interview. My editor gave me rave reviews, there were a couple of phone calls to an editor up there, plus the Editorial Director (like an Editor-in-Chief, but responsible for more $$), and bam, I was offered the job on Thursday.

So I start May 1st from the office down here, and am going to spend May traveling up to find a sublet for the summer, and probably also training a replacement, assuming my editor hires someone before I move. I just kind of shut down when I think about HOW MUCH I have to do in the mean time. I have a big list of stuff my editor wants done before I leave, plus I have to find a sublet in Boston, possibly buy furniture, figure out what exactly I have and need for apartment living (I still have a lot of stuff from my college apartment, but a Swiffer, for instance, will need to be purchased, because I don't know what happened to mine), pack, say goodbye to everyone down here, start figuring out what to do with my car, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and learn how to do my new job! They want me in Boston in June, hopefully, so that's a lot on my plate. Have started looking over craigslist, have done so math to figure out what I can afford, etc. I think I'm going to need to move fast to find a good place for the summer, though.

Oh, and I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now. Oops.


jenovus said...

Here is my impression of New Jersey:


(NB: I am also trying to work in a bit where I vomit into an otherwise pleasant outdoor flowerpot.)

jenovus said...

Seriously though I am just jealous that you get to go back to Boston and I am stuck out here for virtually the entire next four and a half years :\

Stine said...

This is not entirely true. The weirdos in southern Jersey (which should be its own separate state) cheer for the Phillies. Also, Mets fans usually cheer for the Red Sox, but only when the Red Sox are playing the Yankees.

(Mets=My Entire Team Sucks.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine,

This is Emma! Um, how do I add your blog's RSS feed to my LJ? Do you know? Do I need to, like, make an RSS LJ feed for it? I remember that being necessary back in the old days of LJ, but I don't know if it's still necessary... Um, I'll look into looking it up.

:) Congrats again!