Thursday, May 24, 2007

A General Note to the Magazine and Newspaper Publishing World

Dear Magazine and Newspaper publishers,

Okay. We get the picture. You are all in a panic about losing your jobs. Your industries are in flux, and no one knows what the future is going to hold.

Stop writing articles everyday that say either "print is dead!" or "long live print!" It makes you all look very silly. It hurts your credibility with advertisers (and hey, since when have advertisers been the important people in this equation? Shouldn't you, you know, I don't know, maybe be publishing things that PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO READ????) You only win points if your prediction is correct. It's boring reading--article after article of people weighing in on the topic, saying the same things in different ways.

Lighten up. Instead of freaking out about the future, and wasting hours on these repetitive articles, maybe you could try to do something constructive with your time, like helping to shape the industry in the years to come. Life is change--stop nattering about how things are changing, have changed, and will change, and start actually changing things.



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jenovus said...

Change is dead! (LONG LIVE THE HUD)