Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dream Swatch

I have many things to discuss here, but instead, I have FO pics!

This is the Dream Swatch, fairly heavily modified.

I did 3 repeats instead of 4. I wrapped the yarn 4 times instead of 3. And I made it just big enough for my head, and seamed it up into a circle. The yarn is one of the KH colorways from Blackthorne Fibers.

And apparently, it's fall. The students are back, that fall feel is in the air, it gets dark early, and the leaves

have started changing colors.


Anonymous said...

It is all beautiful, you, your FO, and the leaves! :hug:

essjay said...

Fabulous job, Sintey! Do you like it with your new hair cut? I can't believe fall is here already. I'm going to need to pull out the camera to get some good fall pictures.

ekittie said...

Yay for FO's! Yay for Stiney haid! Yay for fall! (Boo for winter that's coming.)

Geek Knitter said...

Oh, fall in New England... big sigh!

Your Dream Swatch is lovely! :muah:

Stine said...

Sara, I do like it, though it took some tweaking with the hair gel this morning. It wanted to stick straight up right behind where the headband ends, and I was having none of that!

Thanks everyone!