Sunday, August 3, 2008


I received a package from my mother on Thursday. She had sent it FedEx overnight.

The box was fairly large, though most of the volume was taken up by green peanuts. (I didn't know they made green peanuts.)

Inside was the vegetable of her summer's labor:

Eight pounds of zucchini. Delicious, garden-fresh zucchini.

The largest one was the size of my calf.


And it was delicious--it made enough stuffed zucchini for 4 people, with leftovers.

Have I mentioned I love summer?

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Apple Core said...

oh man, those are more succulent than i pictured them! sadly though, i have to pass this time for boston :( i'm going to bro-in-law's weddin en espana. will i see you in nyc though for part of pammers visit?