Saturday, November 15, 2008

Binary Hat

Tada! I made the Binary Hat for Digikami as an early Christmas present. Here's the Ravelry link for the project.

I used Cascade 220 in 7822 and some tan color that I can no longer identify. Clover Bamboo size 9 double pointed needles, with 7's for the ribbing (because 8's were not to be had!) He has a lot of hair, so I added an inch of stockinette in the brown before starting the stripe sequence. This was the larger size already, but it fits perfectly! I'm not super-happy with the seaming at the top, but oh well. I think this would be a good stash-buster project--I barely made a dent in either ball of yarn.

This was a fun and quick knit, too. It only took me four days from cast on to bind off.

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