Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Feast for for Five Kings

Hello poppets! I am indeed a bad blogger, but I recently hosted a Game of Thrones premiere party and wanted to share my decorations with you!

I believe Balon Greyjoy, in S6E2, was the first person on screen to refer to the conflict in Westeros as "The War of the Five Kings", and though there are considerably fewer kings now, I think the party was still a success, don't you?

If you're unfamiliar with the cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire, or the blog that spawned it, take some time to peruse the recipes. If your mouth isn't watering within a few minutes, you must be a White Walker. I built a menu entirely from the cookbook, using the Roman, Medieval, or Elizabethan version of the recipe (and then spent far too much time designing the menu) and invited some friends over to watch the premiere. (Raven clipart from somewhere on the web, awesome House sigils graphic from somewhere else.)

There were House swizzle sticks to mark your wine glass (House banners with instructions for assembly from Inn at the Crossroads, twine, feathers I had lying around).

And a tablescape worthy of a king or five. House banners again from Inn at the Crossroads. Foam blocks wrapped in antique map tissue paper and covered in fake berry sprays from a Christmas Tree Shops Christmas wreath I found at Good Will and dismantled. Ribbons and fake Christmas berry garland wrapped around candles, with a gold bowl inside filled with pinecones, more of the fake fruit, and some loose fake flowers that fell off the garlands. Potpourri from Home Goods and fake gems from Party City for table scatter.

There were drinks (not pictured, the Meereenese honey-sweetened wine and iced green minty drink, as those were both chilling) at the bar...

And plenty of mood lighting. Garlands and fake flowers from Joann's or made from paper, with added ribbons in gold, white, or red. Weirwood tree was a Good Will find (I think it was originally an Easter egg tree) with a light up spray from Joann's clearance section. Dragon eggs are clearance Easter eggs from Joann's, and the blue rose tells you all you need to know about my opinion on Jon Snow's parentage!

Houses great and small were represented...(banners from SomeFunPrints)

And the bathroom was well-stocked with concoctions. (Shade of Evening and Dornish Red wine bottle labels--see the bar above from Jellyfish Soup, Wildfire and Milk of the Poppy labels hand calligraphy by me. Hey, if you're going to relabel your Poo-pourri, do it in theme!)

After a dinner of Sansa Salad (which calls for edible flowers--I substituted strawberry roses), cheese and onion pie, and peaches in honey, and a dessert of Arya's Snitched Tarts and Cream Swans...

We removed to the living room, to watch in style.

The only bad thing is now I wanted to do it all over again with improvements for the season finale!

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