Sunday, April 27, 2008

"You come swimming into view."

Tonight my friend hosted a Passover seder. It was my first, and I enjoyed it a lot. (This has nothing to do with the four glasses of wine. Or, you know, everything.) But it's amazing how holidays, even when they aren't from a familiar tradition, make me introspective. But for once, I feel like my introspection is resulting in progress, rather than wallowing.

Some of the progress is stuff I've known, but now I feel it. And so here are the things that tonight, I would raise my four glasses of wine to:

~I'm not going to care about that anymore. I shouldn't have anyway, and now I don't. (Thank you for reminding me of that.)

~There is so much beautiful out there, and so many interesting things to see and learn and observe. And I don't mean to be disrespectful when those things are religious beliefs, but I find them fascinating and I hope to have lots of opportunities to move past my white-bread background.

~I only watched about 2/3 of Ratatouille tonight, but I called most of the plot. And you can't do that in real life--there isn't going to be a high point, then a low point, then a come back in real relationships. And that's a good thing. Ratatouille is cute, but I don't want my life to follow a formulaic plot. I'm OK with things being messy. And I don't believe in second chances.

~Good food, good wine, and better friends.

This may not entirely make sense to anyone else (See: four glasses of wine) and I'm OK with that.


essjay said...

Gaining that introspecition is great - brings us back down to earth centered. I'm glad you enjoyed the time with your friends & enjoyed a different celebration (and that you enjoyed the wine!) ;)

Jen said...


Your #s 1 & 2 have sort of been my mantra the past couple of months. They've been serving me well! I raise my glass of Diet Coke to you!