Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Elections and Voting and Primaries, Oh My!

So, on Thursday I went down to Ye Olde Town Hall and I registered to vote in Massachusetts. If you want to vote in the primary on February 5th, the deadline here is January 16th! Make sure you are registered, have any necessary absentee ballots, etc!

There are still a lot of problems with the way elections work in America. Certain states get more say in the nomination process than others, just because of when they hold their primaries. The electoral college is ridiculous. We desperately need campaign finance reform. Etc. But this election season (which admittedly already feels like it's been going on forever--buckle down, kiddies, we've still got 11 months to go!) is one of the most exciting I can remember. Iowa and New Hampshire both had record voter turn-outs. Both parties had surprising results in both states. People want change, and they are actually going out and doing something about it.

Check out Rock the Vote for more information on registering to vote in your state.


Jane said...

Dear "Stine,"
Your name reminds me of Stiny from this Strong Bad.

Stiney, will you get me a danish?

Kate said...

It TOTALLY feels like this election has been going on for FOREVER already. I didn't realize that Mass. was on Super Duper Tuesday, too. So is Illinois! :primarytwinsies: (hee hee hee)