Monday, January 7, 2008

Shameless Plug!

So, my first job right out of college was as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble. I worked there for just over a year. It sucked. A lot.

But I met a lot of really awesome people, including my friend Chris. Chris, like me, was an idiot. We decided to graduate a semester early. We bonded over this a lot.

He wound up abandoning me for a cushy job, and a few months later, I finally got my break into publishing. But now he's done something that I think is pretty amazing, and takes a lot of balls.

He quit his cushy job with the intention of getting a short story published by his 25th birthday, giving him roughly 6 months to do so. He's posting his stories, and blogging, over at Becoming Somebody.

And make sure you read "The Often Unheralded Affect of Burnt Bagels and Weak Coffee." It's his best story yet.

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essjay said...

That is a great story - so full of depth about something so simple! Best of luck to him in his venture - may his risk pay off!