Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh say say say Oh say say say Oh say say say

I am so sick of being sick. The most frustrating thing is that the symptoms are fairly mild in and of themselves, but they combine to leave me weak, tired, and dizzy. Huzzah. I think I'm over the hump of the illness, but it would be nice to be 100% again. Maybe my Rock Band performance will improve once I'm healthy! (I don't have a problem. I can stop any time I want.)

I'm at work after 5 again, because I have a physical therapy appointment for my ankle (which, the perceptive among you will remember I sprained back around Halloween. And it's still bothering me--today it hurt to walk on it). But rather than cross anything off my massive to-do list, I'm posting here. I'm also sick of my massive to-do list that never gets shorter, only longer.

But yesterday, I left work at 5, and it was still light out. I, the tone-deaf wonder, sang two songs on hard in Rock Band last night. My friend sent me the January 7th page from the New Yorker daily calendar because it has penguins. It's the little things.


Kate said...

The little things really make my day, and I'm glad to see they make yours as well! :mustfindpenguincartoonstosendtostiney:

I hope you're TRULY feeling 100% again soon!

essjay said...

I do hope you feel better soon - it is amazing how long it takes to feel 100% after not feeling we stall at 90%.

I hope that to-do list is getting shorter!

Jane said...

Tone-deafness is a weird, relative thing! I think you aren't deaf, you just haven't learned how to take it from your ear and let it out of your mouth. You're getting there, though!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you feel better by this point, but I have only one question (okay, this might turn into more questions at a later time, but the initial state is one question!):

Which console are you playing Rock Band on? (PleasePS3notWiipleasePS3notWii)